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A Brief Buyer's Guide To Casing Scrapers

Exploration and production (E&P) companies in the oil and gas industry need many components to execute tasks like locating reservoirs and drilling wells. And, when it comes to drilling and constructing oil wells, functional and robust casing strings are needed to prevent the wellbore from collapsing and facilitate effective drilling by helping to control pressure and flow of formation fluids. However, casing strings are predisposed to grime and debris build-up. The best way of cleaning them involves using a casing scraper.

What is a Casing Scraper?

A casing scraper is a tool that comes with a blade assembly designed to facilitate the removal of debris and coatings known as scales from the inner surface of the casing string. A casing string, in this context, refers to the long oilfield pipes that you connect, insert into a wellbore, and cement in place to protect the wellbore and prevent formation fluids from blowing out.

Indicators of an Ideal Casing Scraper

If you need a casing scraper to help you clean your casing strings, you are likely to be bombarded and confused by the myriad of options available in the market today. Keep the following in mind to ensure you pick the right tool for your operations:

1.       Optimal coverage

An ideal casing scraper strives to help you clean out all traces of debris, scale, rust, filter cake, perforation burrs, and any other obstructions in casing pipes swiftly and efficiently. As such, it should be able to cover the entire internal diameter of these pipes with ease. That means its rotary movements should make a complete circle when cleaning the casing string's surface.

2.       Blade design

Casing scrapers need state-of-the-art blades to increase their efficiency. That is why reputable manufacturers and suppliers provide scrapers with machined blades designed to fit casing profiles and perform with utmost precision. It's also vital to check if the blades are correctly tapered to the casing scraper's body to ensure the tool doesn't hang up inside the casing.

3.       Durability

The durability of a casing scraper is mainly determined by that of the joint connections and the blades. Since most of these tools rely on both, examine them to ensure their design is flawless and likely to last longer in harsh conditions. Moreover, the blade should also be exceptionally durable. Most manufacturers install blades you can treat with heat to make them more resistant to wear and boost durability.

Final Thoughts

The pipes and components you use in your oil wells will perform more efficiently and last longer when free from residue and build-ups likely to cause blockage. Blockages and clogs in oil well pipes reduce productivity and interfere with operations. To avoid that, use quality casing scrapers to clean up the inner surfaces of casing strings and pipes.

Contact a supplier of oil well casing scrapers for more information.