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How to Find Quality Industrial Equipment

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Underground Storage Tank Installations and Regulations

Underground tanks are used to support the storage of petroleum products, including gasoline and diesel fuel. UST (Underground Storage Tank) laws and regulations mandate that a tank is made of a material that won't corrode, proper protocol is used during a tank installation, and that routine maintenance and emergency cleanups are performed as needed.

Older Tank Issues

Underground storage tanks are found in many settings, including on the property of a gas station or in an industrial setting where a boiler or a generator is going to be used. In the past, many tanks were constructed of steel.

Steel is a durable material that maintains its shape. This metal, however, is prone to rust. As a result, a tank that was installed improperly or that endured moderate to severe corrosion would be prone to leaking. Petroleum products are flammable and capable of contaminating the ground. Today, tanks are constructed of non-corrosive materials that are rated for use in environments that may get wet.

Installations and Regulations

The land will temporarily be disrupted where an underground tank will be placed. Pipes will be attached to a tank. These will allow petroleum products to be dispensed from the tank or added to the tank. A tank may contain a pipe section that runs perpendicularly from the ground's surface. This will allow for the measuring of fuel that is within a tank.

A property owner who is going to be relying upon an underground storage tank for the containment of petroleum products must hire someone who is certified to install underground tanks and attachment pieces. All of the parts of an underground system must be inspected, before placing them below ground level. The exterior of a tank may be constructed of fiberglass. The inner wall will contain a mixture of resin, silica, and glass. All of the components are rust-resistant.

Registering a tank through the proper regulatory agency is the responsibility of the property owner. There are some tasks that a business owner will be responsible for, including maintaining funding for emergency cleanups and having tank equipment tested for leaks. The regulatory agency will provide a form that should be filled out upon the completion of an installation. The certification will validate that an installation was conducted properly.

Underground tanks that contain heating oil that is going to be used on the premises will not need to meet federal guidelines. Tanks that are set up in a basement or that hold a small amount of petroleum product also falls into the non-regulated category. For more information about tank installations, contact companies like Eaton Sales & Service.